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The Shoutbox MOD adds a small shoutbox to the index page of your forum. Not as formal as posting, it allows users to converse with one another quickly and efficiently. The future, will see many more features, including a permissions system, an option so the administrator can select the number of shouts / posts that are displayed on the forum index page, editing suite, and much more!

Already, support has been added for shoutbox message editing and deleting, as well as support for use of smilies and bbCode.

Important note: This MOD is now being developed by defender-uk. My latest release of this MOD was 0.1.3, of which many people are still using. As far as I know, defender-uk's latest version is 0.1.4.

Please see the "ALPHA" thread at for more details about the progress of this phpBB 2.0.x MOD.

Page last updated: July 8, 2007