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Below are some of my more well known works for phpBB 2.0.x. Some date back to 2004, however, they should continue to work as they are intended to on the latest version of phpBB 2.0.x. If you experience any problems, please post your query on our forum.

I am always on the lookout for new modifications to make, so please feel free to make a suggestion at, or contact me privately if you wish to discuss custom-made work for your forum.

Ultimate Quiz MOD - v1.x
A fully customisable quiz addition to your forum, some of the features including full categorization of quizzes, statistics, multiple quiz types (Multiple Choice, True / False, Input Answers) and an administration suite where many aspects of the quiz can be altered and edited. Cash MOD support included.
User Website MOD - v1.x
Allow your users to have their very own homepage, hosted on your forum!
Jury MOD - v0.x
How about having your very own online courtroom! This is perfect for everyone, down to major decisions, such whether someone should be banned, down to the smaller cases, such as whether someone was guilty of double posting. This MOD can be a whole heap of fun, so why not try it out now!
Shoutbox MOD - v0.x
The Shoutbox MOD adds a small shoutbox to the index page of your phpBB forum. This MOD does not use frames or iframes.
Easy BotStopper - v1.x
No more spam bots on your forum! This was ranked in the top #10 MOD's at for several months.
Lock & Unlock Topic On Reply - v0.x
This MOD makes it possible for those with authoritive access to lock / unlock topics when replying, by checking or unchecking a checkbox located near other options such as 'enable bbCode' etc.
Autologin Upon Registration - v0.x
This is a fantastic MOD, which really makes life easy for newly registered users. If the board is set so that new users do not have to undergo admin validation, they will be logged in automatically after they register or click the activation link after receiving a confirmation email (if your board is set up to do this). The dialog to show their registration is successful will appear, and 5 seconds later they will be logged in and redirected to the index.
SQL-MOD - v0.x
The SQL-MOD is the ideal way to execute SQL code right from your ACP. No need to open phpMyAdmin, no need to run any files. Just copy the code, and hit enter!
Centre Forum Information - v0.x
Before, the forum information was not vertically centred if there were no forum moderators. This MOD corrects that!
Add phpBB Functions to Notepad++ PHP API - v1.x
This is a handy tool to assist MOD Authors who code with Notepad++. It adds common phpBB Functions / Classes to the list of general PHP functions, when pressing Ctrl+Spacebar.
Standard Subject MOD - v1.x
If you wish to make a link for a user to start a new topic, you can automatically fill the subject field with text of your choice upon the loading of the page!
Login Suite - v0.x
This MOD allows you to reset the login attempt details for particular users. It also gives the opportunity for users to unlock their own accounts through the use of secret questions and answers.
Coin Toss - v0.x
This MOD is a great way to let your users spend money that they have made with Xore's Cash MOD! The user gets the option to pick either heads or tails, and then place a certain amount of money on it. If they were correct, they get double whatever they wagered. Otherwise, they lose it! Whatever the wagered is taken from their account.
Average Posts Per Topic - v0.x
This MOD displays the average number of posts per topic on the index page, for each individual forum.
IP's Only Visible To Admins - v0.x
This MOD ensures only you, and other administrators have access to users IP addresses. After installing this MOD, moderators will no longer have access to see the IP addresses of fellow users.
Centre bbCode - v0.x
With this MOD, you can centre certain text, by enclosing it in [center] and [/center] tags.
Username Begins With Capital Letter - v1.x
This MOD is to make your forum look nicer really. It means upon registration, all users will have the first letter of their username, capitalized. This makes the memberlist look really neat!
Topic Titles Begin With Capital Letter - v1.x
This MOD is to make your forum look nicer really. It means when a new topic is submitted, the title will automatically begin with a capital letter. This makes the topic list look really neat!
View Last Forum Posted in - v1.x
Displays the last forum a user posted in on their view profile page.