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Latest update: In v0.0.2, automatic redirection has been added, after clicking the link in the confirmation email if user activation is enabled!

Run down: Autologin, or Automatic Login, Upon Registration is a fantastic and small MOD, which really makes life easy for newly registered users. If the board is set so that new users do not have to undergo admin validation, they will be logged in automatically after they register or click the activation link after recieving a confirmation email (if your board is set up to do this). The dialog to show their registration is successful will appear, and 5 seconds later they will be logged in and redirected to the index.

Why is this so good? It encourages new users to be involved in your forum! Many new users never bother to even log in, so by logging them in automatically, it greatly increases the chance of them becoming involved in your forum!

Only one edit needs to be made before it is fully functional! It doesn't get much easier than that!

Download this MOD.