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Thank you to TIM3PORT at for submitting the following code changes, which will allow this MOD to function on the phpBB3 "proSilver" template.

Open /styles/proSilver/template/viewtopic_body.html in a text editor, such as Notepad, Wordpad, Notepad++, etc.


      <!-- IF postrow.POSTER_POSTS != '' --><dd><strong>{L_POSTS}:</strong>
{postrow.POSTER_POSTS}</dd><!-- ENDIF -->

Replace with

      <!-- IF postrow.POSTER_POSTS != '' --><dd><strong>{L_POSTS}:</strong>
{postrow.POSTER_POSTS} ({postrow.POSTER_AVG_POSTS})</dd><!-- ENDIF -->

Save the file, and re-upload to server.