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Below, is a list of MOD's I have currently written for phpBB3 "Olympus". Currently, only subSilver2 is supported for the Ultimate Quiz MOD Lite an Average Posts Per User. proSilver compatibility will be added in the near future.
Ultimate Quiz MOD - v2.0.0 DEVELOPMENT
Fully customisable quiz functionality which you can add to your forum! Currently under development, feature requests currently being accepted!
User "Posts Per Day" in viewtopic.php - v0.0.1 ALPHA
Displays a users post per day average alongside their post count on viewtopic.php.
Average Posts Per User - v2.0.0 ALPHA 1
This MOD displays the average number of posts per user on your forum index page. 2nd generation release of this MOD, after the 2004 release for phpBB 2.0.x.
More to come in the future! Click here to view all MOD's for phpBB 2.0.x.