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Ultimate Quiz MOD v1.3.3
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v1.3.3 has been downloaded 6124 times!
The Ultimate Quiz MOD has been downloaded a total of 8284 times.

Old Versions: v1.2.0 of this MOD is now in phpBB's MOD Database! Please click here to obtain support for the older versions.

Run Down: The 1.3 series of the Ultimate Quiz MOD is underway! In v1.3.x, there are 2 new major features. The first, is the introduction of "Quiz Packs". These are ready made quizzes, that you can add to your quiz section in one click! For more details, see The other major feature is a timelimit function. From the ACP, the administrator/s can select how long a user has to answer each question. For example, say the admin sets 20 seconds a question, and the quiz has a total of 10 questions. The user has a maximum of 200 seconds (3 minutes, 20 seconds) to complete the quiz, or they do not see their statistics and their score is not saved. v1.3.3 includes one new major feature, an option in the ACP to clear all the statistics in the database. Other minor changes include case insensitivity for input answer quizzes. © battye, 2005